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We love weddings and being a part of them.

Your first contact is Patty in the church office to A) set up a time with a pastor and B) reserve space at the church if needed.

There is a cost for using the church building. We’re not looking to make money on it but simply cover the costs incurred. Contact the church office for more details.

We only use the building for weddings of people who are part of our church community. However, our pastor may be available to do weddings outside of our church body. These requests are taken on a case by case basis.

We do require premarital counseling for all of our weddings.

Premarital counseling is offered at very little expense to the couple. There is a small (less than $50) cost for taking the online assessment through Prepare and Enrich. We think you’ll find it well worth it!

Premarital counseling with us typically involves two meetings with the pastor: one initial meeting and another two weeks before the wedding after the counseling sessions with Jill have been completed.

The counseling sessions with Jill typically involve 10-12 sessions.

We advise starting a good 6 months in advance.

The state of MN requires a notarized document on church letterhead stating that a couple has completed their premarital hours.

You will need this when applying for your wedding license. We are happy to provide this. Simply contact the pastor through the office when you are ready for it.

We recommend applying for your license at least two weeks before your wedding. There is a 5 day waiting period in MN.

Our pastor does weddings on an honorarium basis. That means that the amount you choose to give for doing the wedding is up to you.

It’s wise when thinking about honorariums to factor in travel costs and time incurred by the pastor. A typical honorarium with minimal travel involved is between $150-$250.